Our Team

Michael Hemming
Contracts Manager
Job Experience: 41 Yrs
P.E. Engineer
Fritz Sawyers
Construction Manager
Job Experience: 13 Yrs
P.E. Engineer Masters – Construction Management and Technology, BSc. Civil Engineer
Shaun Gordon
IT Administrator
Job Experience: 17 Yrs.
BSc. Computer Science
Michael Archer
Project Director
Job Experience: 39 Yrs.
BSc. Civil Eng. MJIE, MASCE. P.E.
Peter Shiner
Quality Control and Technical Manager - Head Office
Job Experience: 38 Yrs.
Cert-Civil Engineering Studies, MIAT, MIQ. ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor
Christine Whitfield
Quality Control and Environment Manager
Job Experience: 12 Yrs
BSc. Construction and Engineering Mgmt. Diploma in Construction Mgmt.
Desmond Lewis
Project Manager
Job Experience: 16 Yrs.
BSc in Construction Engineering and Management, Diploma Construction Management, Sur-veying Technician Certificate
Peter Schroeter
Project Manager - Special Projects
Job Experience: 42 Yrs.
BSc Eng. (Civil Eng.) P.E.
Danian Douglas
Deputy Director of Projects - Head Office
Job Experience: 14 Yrs.
Masters – Construction Management and Technology, P.E.
Pascal Thompson
Snr. Technical Manager/Planner
Job Experience: 17 Yrs.
MSc. Construction Project Mgmt. & Diploma (Hons.) Land Surveying