Progress Works - Pelican Bay Development Project, St. Kitts

Site Set up

Site set up for the Pelican Bay Condominium Resort consisting of Plant and Office and Site Yard commenced August 08, 2014 and was completed on September 04, 2014.


Construction Works

Works have advanced to Week 30 ended March 3, 2015 of the construction phase and are progressing on schedule with major earthworks being completed.


The main achievements for this period were the construction of the Sub and Superstructures of Building I, the Eastern, Middle and Western Section and Sea Wall and the installations of electrical conduits and the erection of the first two (2) rooms in Building I.                                                                                                                                                   




















The excavation of the foundation for Building J substructure also commenced during this period and will continue into the coming weeks.


Construction activties are carried out six days a week at a brisk pace with the first three (3) buildings expected to be completed by July this year.

Early stages of revetment activities are currently underway with rock being placed approximately 10m from the shore into the sea. Marine environment are being closely monitored throughout the revetment activity.


Quality Assurance and Control Management
Adherence to our quality management systems, is the key element in ensuring that 'We do it Right' the first time and as a team we ensure that our construction practices, policies and procedures are fully compliant with ISO 9001:2008.



The Project currently employs 76 personnel consisting of engineers,, equipment operators, quality assurance and control and health and safety personnel along with site workers.


When completed in 2016 Pelican Bay looks forward to being a driving force with tourism and the local economy bringing solid growth and opportunities to St Kitts.