Surrey Paving and Aggregate employs a wide range of technical, operational and support personnel. Because of the nature of our services, we have both full time and temporary workers.

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Among the various types of skill sets we employ are road design and construction engineers, project managers, quantity surveyors, land surveyors, quality assurance technicians, health and safety and traffic management personnel, equipment operators and equipment plant managers.

Training of Personnel

Surrey Paving has invested heavily in training at all levels; plant modernization, product and management with an exceptional Quality Management System across the board.

Our team comprises of regional and international experienced professionals, contributing their skills set into all aspect of SPA. These professionals are trained in various fields. All staff members are sufficiently trained and strive for excellence; ensuring development of the highest standard.

The cornerstone of our Construction Management approach and its effectiveness is to provide well-qualified personnel. Our staff of full-time, long-term employees enable us to provide a proactive approach to each project. Potential problems are addressed and resolved quickly on-site before escalating to cause unnecessary delays.

Delivering a successful project requires a well-trained, experienced and flexible staff. Our company has more than 100 experienced construction personnel on staff; many of whom are certified in Engineering Technologies and possesses additional certifications in other specialty areas. Additionally, we employ graduate engineers from accredited technology programs and our resident engineers and project managers are often registered Professional Engineers.

We work with our clients’ representatives and managers to successfully integrate our staff into each project. We respond to their specific demands through careful selection of personnel with relevant experience and credentials specific to each project.

On going Training Programs

Traditionally, we have taken a proactive stance in promoting professional registrations for our inspection forces and have established training programs to foster professional development. Construction Management personnel are both knowledgeable and experienced in various construction inspection methods and in numerous facets of material sampling and testing. The mission of our field staff is to use their experience and training to anticipate problems--providing early identification and enacting corrective action.

Below are some examples of the training and development opportunities available at Surrey Paving and Aggregate Co. Ltd.

  • Health and Safety & Traffic Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Engineering
  • Fleet Management
  • Materials Testing and Sampling
  • Accounting
  • Equipment Training
  • Quantity Surveying