R. L. Bradshaw Rehabilitation of Runway and Taxiways

The works comprise cold planing /milling approximately 126,000 square meters of asphalt from the runway and taxiway and reinstatement of existing markings. All works will be performed between 22:00hrs to 06:00hrs Monday to Saturday nights. Rehabilitation of Runway and Taxiway will involve the following: 1. Cold Planing. 2. Crack Sealing. 3. GlasGrid Fabric. 4. Laying asphalt 75 mm thick on the runway and 50 mm thick on the taxiway. The scope of works comprises the rehabilitation of the Runway, Taxiways Bravo and Charlie. The existing shoulders will not be a part of this project. Subsequent to this, Surrey Paving and Aggregate Ltd. was contracted to conduct to rehabilitate the full extent of the runway to improve the stability and safety of the runway. The current runway design is based on Boeing 767-300, which was last rehabilitated in 2005 under a major rehabilitation program. The proposed repairs will be carried out under a night-time possession. This will allow for normal daytime operations with minimum or no impact on passenger arrival and departures.
Contract Date: 
May, 2018
Total Cost: 
Friday, August 10, 2018 (All day)
Completion Date: 
November 2018
The St. Kitts and Nevis Government
R.L. Bradshaw Rehabilitation of Runway and Taxiways