Surrey Paving & Aggregate Co. Ltd and Surrey Paving & Aggregate Caribbean Co. Ltd, understands and accepts the critical importance of Quality Assurance and is at the forefront of incorporating these procedures into its policies and operations across the board.


SPA procedures and operations ethics are based on partnering. The success or otherwise of a project is generally not related to one particular facet but a combined effort of all parties to ensure the completion within time and budget.


SPA undertakes a number of activities which consist of re-constructing excising roads, laying sub base, granular base course, asphaltic concrete and surface dressing, drainage, laying kerb and slipper, u-drains, earth drains, extending pipe and box culverts, new box and pipe culverts, also road marking, street lighting and other road furniture, water pipeline and sewage works.


SPA therefore has invested heavily in training at all levels; plant modernisation, production and management with an exceptional Quality Assurance system across the board.


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In an effort to verify this; SPA is audited by an external auditor SGS United Kingdom Ltd. to ensure that we comply with the stringent requirements of IS0 9001: 2015 and have received their accreditation.